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About Web Hosting Peaks

Web Hosting Peaks researches and evaluates the most popular web hosting providers. We have selected the top performing hostings and compared their services. Our mission is to keep you informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the different hosting providers and we will continually evaluate hosts’ performance based on the reviews you post on our site. Web Hosting Peaks is created for you – the users – who have experienced different web hosting providers. This is the place where you say which hosting provider is good, why this hosting is good, which hosting is bad and why it is bad, which is the best hosting provider and which is the worst. Our system allows you to suggest hosting provider with a hosting plan and to submit reviews and rate this hosting.

Web Hosting Peaks rules:
1. Every user can submit only one review for a hosting per day. What does it mean? If you didn’t quite understand we will describe this more circumstantially. This means that for one day you can submit only one review for a hosting. You can submit reviews for all hostings, but only one review per day.
2. There is no login system. To submit review for hosting or suggest a hosting you just leave your E-mail and name, but leaving a name is not required it’s free will. Your E-mail is never published. Only the mail domain is shown. Your mail name is replaced by *****.
3. You must leave a web site hosted by the reviewed hosting provider. This web site is shown.

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